Paranoia - Schön! Magazine

In this hallucinatory fantasy produced by Kell Mitchell and Myro Wulff exclusively for Schön!, feminine Joy McLaren moves slowly between reality and vision in model Tommie Grabiec’s fired up imagination, holding intoxicating power over his desires. Grabiec’s deep, storytelling voice sets the tone for a thrilling, stimulating glimpse into the night.

This Schön! exclusive fashion film was created by

Director / Kell Mitchell
Director of Photography / Myro Wulff
Editor / David Warren
Written by / C. S. Baker
Gaffer / Panos Damaskinidis
Styling / Simone Sylvester
Make Up / Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Hair / Noriko Takayama
Soundtrack / Jean-Gabriel Becker @ Sounds & Sons
Cast / Joy McLaren @ Models 1 and Tommie Grabiec